Best Floors for Pet Owners

If you are a pet owner, you know that your cats and dogs are a vital part of your family. Of course, you still don’t want them to damage your floor. Chances are you also don’t want to constantly clean your floors because of your furry friend. Because of this, you need to have a floor that can resist stains and fur.

Before you search for flooring near me, here are a couple of flooring type that you should consider:


Because it is antimicrobial naturally, cork is one of the best floorings for pets. This means that cork can help keep your house free of allergens and mold, even if you’ve got a lot of furry pets.

However, you have to keep in mind that cork is still part of the Wood family. This means that it can still scratch and become damaged, even though it’s a more scratch resist flooring option compared to traditional hardwood.


For pet-friendly flooring, carpet is the least favorable choice. Wet stains are hard to remove and might need professional cleaning. Also, the collection of dust, dander, and fur might damage your carpet. Your pet will certainly find a carpet to be comfortable. However, cleaning is expensive and hard. Regular vacuuming doesn’t get rid of all the particles. Also, carpet cleaners do not work on all ingrained stains. A lot of pet owners choose to invest in another type of floor to save money.


Laminate flooring can copy the appearance of wood. However, it is much simpler to maintain. You can apply a damage-resistant sealant if pets plan to utilize the floor. Also, it’s vital to properly install this flooring since a poorly installed floor can come apart and produce gaps. Owners can pick laminate that copies various types of textures such as concrete or stone.


Stone includes slate, granite, and marble floors. A stone floor is simple to maintain. However, it isn’t easy to crack or scratch. To improve the warmth and comfort of the hard surface, owners can add rugs.


For your pet area, you should pick the finished form of the wood floor. Only a wood floor that’s sealed properly is long-lasting and resistant to every type of damage that might happen with your pet. It might be an excellent move to reseal and refinish hardwood floors to keep them protected if you are buying an old house.

Also, if you really want the wood floor, you’ve got to clean up the mess right away whenever your pet has an accident. You might also have to use cleaning products that are specifically made for pet accidents. These products will help you get rid of the odor.


Pet stains are extremely simple to clean off the tile. But, the grout is known to crack and might require repairs. It is vital to keep the grout with the use of sealant or cleaning products. Tile flooring is appealing to animals and humans. They’re beautiful and made using various designs and colors.